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Hey everybody!
I just received news yesterday that Morning Musume ’14 will be performing at Best Buy Theater in New York this coming October 5th.

I will DEFINITELY be going with my husband, although flight tickets will be pretty expensive!

I am SOOOOO looking forward to meeting Sakura Oda in person, and also my husband is pumped about getting to meet Sayumi Michishige, especially before she graduates this fall, as her graduation was announce about a week ago.

I hope all the Momusu fans in the US can make it to this concert.



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How do you support Japanese Idols??

So… The looming question is…. HOW can a fan support Japanese idol groups, such as Morning Musume ’14, from abroad?



The quick answer: GET THE PENLIGHT!!!!


They are a must tool when going to events and concerts for idol groups.

Since I’m Sakura Oda’s fan, and her image color is lavender, I recently bought two glow sticks (more accurately, penlights) so I can start making Nico Nico or YouTube videos of my dance supporting Sakura Oda.

I’m planning to make some videos during the summer and posting them on YouTube.

Who is your favorite Morning Musume ’14?

If so, do you know her image color???

If you know it, go get your penlight and start practicing penlight moves so that you’re ULTRA prepared when they come perform in Los Angeles OR WHEREVER on the globe!!!

Morning Musume ’14’s NEW SONG: KIMI NO KAWARI WA IYA SHINAI (There’s nobody that can replace you!)

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ANOTHER Victory for #sakuraddict s!!!!XD

What I love about this song is that Sakura’s voice is beautiful…. AND her performance… is…. breathtaking. It’s in a Japanese music show, and I can’t believe that she can sing this well live. It’s hard to do, you know, dancing frantically like they do, and then singing (NOT lip-syncing) at the same time…. And Sakura does it WELL!!!

I also like how Ma-chan (Masaki Sato) and Sakura kinda get along like sisters recently. They make a good match, because Sakura is always mysterious and sometimes serious, while Ma-chan is kind of a wild-child. I love ’em both! They’re sooooo cute together… (Sorry, Ma-Do fans… lol I like Ma-Do too, don’t worry!)

Over the Martin Luther King holidays, I think I’m going to celebrate by getting a light-stick that’s purple (of course, that’s Sakura’s fan color!!) and dance to it… Maybe I’ll take a video and post it on YouTube… WHO KNOWS!!!

All I can say is….. I am soooooo happy to be a SAKURA FAN!!!!