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Morning Musume ’14 is going to have a NEW MEMBER AUDITION!!!!!

Rumors say that the candidate for the NEW Morning Musume member can be of ANY nationality….
This means… that all those cute girls on YouTube who are always dancing and singing to Morning Musume songs have a chance!
I hope somebody from a foreign country, not Japan, will be a member, too.
That’s bc it’s the key to making Morning Musume a world-wide group.
With just Japanese girls, it’s hard to do. There’s a limit.
But using the world… and the internet… I think Morning Musume will become bigger than ever…

I am sooooo excited about this audition!
If I had a child, I would soooo want her to try out;-)

Anyways, all you young girls out there, check out the NEW MEMBER AUDITION for MORNING MUSUME!
Let the legacy continue!!!