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Ordered H!P HAPPI!!!!!

Hey y’all!
Yesterday I ordered the new hello pro Happi!!

SO, you’re probably wondering, “what the hell is a happi? Is it like HAPPY?”

Well, think of it as a Japanese loose jacket or something. It’s easy to wear, and a lot of people wear it during summer festivities. Check it out at the H!P website, here: https://www.helloshop.jp/item/itemlist/?ct_seq=15&itp_seq=5097

And… YES, I ordered the Sakura Oda version!!! YEEEE HAW! It’s my Xmas present;-)

I can’t wait to wear this and… Well, do a bunch of otaku-related stuff.

I also am in the process of starting an unofficial Los Angeles fan club division of Morning Musume, so if any of you are interested, shoot me a comment!