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Egao No Kimiwa Taiyo Sa (Your Smile is Like Sunshine)

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Sakura does it again!
She’s starring as a “support” singer for Sayu, and is rocking the entire group with her voice, looks, and charm.
I love how she’s blossoming into a beautiful, bright girl.
Btw– the other day I hung out for the first time with other Hello Project Fans who are living in Los Angeles… Although… only one person showed up!
But it was a lot of fun. We went and karaoke (sung a LOT of Hello! Project songs…) and shared notes about others member of Morning Musume, as well as other groups, such as Berryz Kobo, J=J, and S/milage and C-ute.

So, how are you celebrating the New Years?

I hope I can gather more people next time for another Hello!Project meet.

I’m even considering starting a Hello!Pro Night Event, or/and starting a petition and sending it to Japan so that Musume girls will come visit the US!!!

Tell me what you think in the comments section 😉


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Sakura Oda getting more attention in Japanese Media!!

So, the other day I was watching a TV show called “ZIP!”

And guess what?

A lot of the close ups were not of Sayashi, but of Oda Sakura!!!

I was sooooooo happy!

Also, recently a lot of YouTube channels have comments written in English with the hashtag


This is a phenomenon!!!!

So, holler if you LOVE Oda Saku!!!!

HP! is now gearing up towards the end of the year Hello Project! celebration.

I bet Sakura is working hard on that.


Sakura Oda singing Aya Matsuura’s “dearest.”

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Morning Musume’s queen, Sakura Oda singing the legendary Aya Matsuura’s dearest.
Aya Matsuura is now married to Keita Tachibana, the vocalist for w-inds.
Just imagine here, 10 years or so later, that a new singer from Hello Project is following in Aya Matsuura’s footsteps.
This means A LOT!