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Ordered H!P HAPPI!!!!!

Hey y’all!
Yesterday I ordered the new hello pro Happi!!

SO, you’re probably wondering, “what the hell is a happi? Is it like HAPPY?”

Well, think of it as a Japanese loose jacket or something. It’s easy to wear, and a lot of people wear it during summer festivities. Check it out at the H!P website, here: https://www.helloshop.jp/item/itemlist/?ct_seq=15&itp_seq=5097

And… YES, I ordered the Sakura Oda version!!! YEEEE HAW! It’s my Xmas present;-)

I can’t wait to wear this and… Well, do a bunch of otaku-related stuff.

I also am in the process of starting an unofficial Los Angeles fan club division of Morning Musume, so if any of you are interested, shoot me a comment!



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A little info about SAKURA ODA

So, one way or another, you’ve ended up here at my blog.
This blog is dedicated to the 11th term member of Morning Musume, a Japanese pop group produced by Tsunku♂ that has been established since 1997.
So, what do YOU like about Sakura?

I like Sakura because her voice is soothing and beautiful, and also because she is one of the toughest Musume members I’ve ever seen. She has guts. She can talk to her SENPAIs (upper term members/a Japanese term generally used for older people or people who are in a higher rank) by looking at them straight, in their eyes. And she can talk, without being afraid of SENPAIs. You have to have a lot of guts to do that in Japan.

What else do I like about Sakura?
Well, I already mentioned her voice. But if you hear other members sing, and then hear Sakura sing, you’ll see the difference. One of my recent favorites is “Daisukidakara Zettaini Yurusanai.” The literal translation is: “I will never forgive you because I really love you.” What a grown-up title for a 14 year old, huh?
But she sings it with sooooo much emotion. Sayashi sings along, and it’s a duet. Check it out at Youtube.

Let’s talk a little bit about HelloPro.

Why do you like HelloPro?
I like it because the lyrics by Tsunku♂ is cheerful and happy, and the tune is also catchy and positive.

Yeah, I like rap music and stuff, and listen to just about anything, but their songs are always sung by young girls, ranging from 12 to 25 or so. And they all sing and dance with so much emotion, and look like they’re having fun doing it. It kind of takes me to a different, magical world, where I don’t have to worry about real life stress and all the violence and hatred that goes on in this country, and in this world.

If we’re only gonna live once, why not by cheerful, and enjoy every moment?

Listen to some Momusu songs, and you’ll know what I mean.

And listen to some songs sung by Sakura Oda, and you’ll love Momusu even more!

See you next time;-)